Place your order by Wednesday 02/01/2023 before 6:00 pm, and receive your meals Sunday 02/05/2023.

Delivery is available in all San Diego, Orange, LA, Riverside, and Imperial counties.

Place your order by Wednesday 02/01/2023 before 6:00 pm, and receive your meals Sunday 02/05/2023.
Delivery is available in all San Diego, Orange, LA, Riverside, and Imperial counties.

X Meals (X Lunches) – G’s Z Meal Prep Plan

$55.00 / week

This lean-protein and vegetable-based meal plan is designed to minimize your sodium and maximize the nutritional value of each meal. With a selected assortment of our pre-portioned delicious, flavor-filled specialty entrees, as well as our lean protein-based build your own meals, this plan provides you with optimal nutritional value without compromising taste or quality.


✓ 5 Lunch

Average Macros



Menu of the Week

Upgrade to 15 Meals to unlock access to breakfast options



Current PlanLunch: Diced Chicken Breast – Chicken Breast Sauté, Faro, Cannellini Beans, Asparagus, Peas, Green Beans, Truffle Balsamic (Chk B.)

Current PlanDinner: Salmon – Massaman Glazed Salmon, Brown Rice Biryani w/ Cauliflower, Chickpea, Eggplant, Green Bean, Herb Salsa (Salmon)

When you upgrade to 15 mealsBreakfast: Griddle Cake –  Corn + Ricotta Griddle Cake, Sliced Maple Sausage, Roasted Yam Hash, and Boiled Eggs.


Current PlanLunch: Pork – Mixed Pork Carnitas Skillet, Cilantro White Rice, Zucchini, Broccoli, Peppers, Red Onion, Corn, Salsa Verde (Pork shred)

Current PlanDinner: Curry Turkey – Three Beans Ground Turkey Pie, serve with Cheddar Cheese. (G. Turkey).

When you upgrade to 15 mealsBreakfast: Waffle – Orange Cranberry Waffle w/ Yam + Bacon Hash, Scrambled Egg.


Current PlanLunch: Shredded Beef – Nashville Shredded Beef, Red Rice with Corn, Sauce Vegetable Skillet, Peas, Asparagus, Cherry tomato Broccolini, Green Onion, B+B Pickle (Beef)

Current PlanDinner: Diced Turkey – Harvest Turkey Casserole, Wild Rice Dried Cranberry Yam, Brussel Sprouts, Cranberry sauce. (Turkey B)

When you upgrade to 15 mealsBreakfast: Frittata – Pizza Frittata, Pepperoni, Roasted Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Italian Sausage, Oregano, Meatball.


Current PlanLunch: Chicken Thigh – Chicken Thigh Caponata, Eggplant, Zucchini, Pepper, Onion, Celery, Tomato, Olives, Capers , Fussilli Pasta, and pesto sauce (Chk T.)

Current PlanDinner: Pork Loin – Grilled Pork Lion, Roasted Garlic Yukon Potatoes Skillet , Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Balsamic Reduction (Pork Chop)

When you upgrade to 15 mealsBreakfast: Thai Rice –  Thai Sausage Skillet, Gochujang Rice, Cabbage, Cilantro, Peas, Fried Egg.


Current PlanLunch: Turkey – BBQ ground Turkey skillet, Roasted Yam, Pepper, Onion, Kale. (G. Turkey).

Current PlanDinner: Meatloaf – Herb Rub Ground beef Meatloaf, Garlic Mash Potato, Green Beans, and Gravy (G. Beef)

When you upgrade to 15 mealsBreakfast: Tuscan Omelet – Tuscan Omelet, Spicy Italian Sausage, White Beans, Olive,, Green Peppers, Fennel, Mozzarella.


Organic Produce, Grass-Fed Beef, Free Range Chicken & Wild Caught Seafood

Our meals are crafted with the highest quality ingredients to ensure a healthy set of meals for your goals. Using fresh organic produce, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and wild-caught seafood to finely prepare each meal. Paired with our proper cooking methods such as blanching, baking, grilling, and many other forms will solidify that your meals remain healthy at every step of the process. Our Ingredients are locally sourced from some of the most credible suppliers in San Diego to give you an end product you can trust.

Never Frozen

Our meals are never frozen and prepared fresh every week to provide a delicious, chef-crafted taste with every bite. Combined with our advanced packaging technology that naturally vacuum seals each meal for 7 days of freshness, it’s a sure bet to keep you satisfied with your meals all week long.

Environmentally Friendly

Meal Prep Sunday strives to uphold a healthy standard from our kitchen to the very environment we’re all responsible for. Our packaging comes in many forms of environmentally friendly material. Each meal is packaged in a fully recyclable, BPA free container and sealed with a plastic film that is also recyclable. During transportation, we package the meals in reusable thermal insulated bags to ensure a cool set of meals while also allowing us to reuse the bags for future deliveries. On top of that, we locally source ingredients and deliver using economic transportation to lower our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Meal Prep
Meal prep is a form of preparation for your meals. Where the conventional route of cooking happens on a meal to meal basis, we prepare your meals weekly all at once to provide a convenient source of nutrition. All of your breakfast, lunch, and dinners will be fully prepared and ready to eat at any given time. Ultimately saving you time spent in the kitchen and money spent on takeout.

Our menu changes every week to offer you a new taste and variety so you never get bored of your meals thus keeping you on track longer with a healthy eating regimen.

If you have food allergies you can simply inform us in the notes section of your order that will notify us which meals we can and can't include making sure we provide you with the proper meals.
We use your physical information and fitness goal to calculate the number of proteins, fats, and carbs that your body needs on a daily basis. From there our kitchen staff will properly portion each meal to fit your needs.
Each meal is sealed fresh for 7 days using the advanced packaging technology that allows us to flush the oxygen out of the meal while naturally sealing it for optimal freshness.
You can customize our service to fully fit your needs, the plan you choose fully depends on how many meals you would like to receive as well as what your fitness goal is.
That's correct, we fully prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinners for the entire week. No need to shop, cook, or clean, We take care of that for you.
Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is A San Diego-based meal prep service that fully prepares and delivers your meals. We will shop and cook your food for you every week. Offering you a convenient and easy way to a healthier lifestyle.
Our menu rotates every week to make sure you're never eating the same meals. Our in-house chef will write brand new recipes every week using healthy ingredients with tasteful and delicious cooking methods.
You can heat the meals in the microwave as well as on a stovetop pan. The heating time varies for each meal and will have the required heating time on each meal.
No, our meals are never frozen and neither are the ingredients we use. We cook all of our meals fresh every week to ensure a great tasting set of meals every week.
We use a process called MAP or modified atmosphere packaging that allows us to naturally vacuum seal each meal for 7 days of freshness.
We deliver to all of San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles in some cases. Our deliveries are scheduled for every Sunday but we can accommodate orders on Monday or Tuesday if needed.
If you order anytime before Sunday at 6 pm we will get you your meals that same Sunday or Monday depending on the demand of the week. We will try our hardest to provide you with nutritious meals as fast as possible.
No, Our delivery drivers will notify you when they are on the way and when your meals have arrived. We pack our meals in thermal insulated bags with ice packs. Meals can sit at your doorstep for up to 3 hours after delivery.
Billing will automatically be initiated every Wednesday at noon for the following week. If you wish to cancel or put your account on hold just contact us before the billing deadline Wednesday at noon to do so.
Yes of course, If you decide to switch plans for either the number of meals per week or your fitness goal you can simply email us at with your request and our customer service team will take care of you there.
You will receive your FREE 90 day synced workout plan with your first order via email. If you still haven't received it please email us at and we will get it to you right away.
Not at all, after your initial purchase, you will be automatically put into our recurring payment. You will be billed every Wednesday at noon and have your meal delivered every Sunday for your convenience.
Of course, If you see a meal you don't like on the upcoming menu you can simply contact us at to let us know which meals you would like to substitute.
Our customer service department will be glad to help you with any questions or requests, email us at and we will take care of you there!
We offer a first-time purchase discount, a referral discount, testimonial discount, and military discount as well.
Not at all, We fully prepare your meals in order to alleviate the hassle of having to shop, cook and clean. Saving you tons of valuable time!
Not at all, a lot of our clients are also people who are simply looking for a healthy alternative and a convenient source of meals to fit into their routine. Whether you're in it for a fitness journey or just better overall health, we got you covered!