Place your order by Wednesday 02/01/2023 before 6:00 pm, and receive your meals Sunday 02/05/2023.

Delivery is available in all San Diego, Orange, LA, Riverside, and Imperial counties.

Place your order by Wednesday 02/01/2023 before 6:00 pm, and receive your meals Sunday 02/05/2023.
Delivery is available in all San Diego, Orange, LA, Riverside, and Imperial counties.

Meal Prep – Dill Glazed Salmon

Salmon Meal Prep
Find out below how we meal prep our dill glazed salmon throughout the week

Meal Prep – Dill Glazed Salmon


The meal prep for our dill glazed salmon involves many processes and procedures that allow us to deliver a great product. Meal Prep Sunday serves clients from San Diego county to LA county. The quality of our food is very important, especially with the number of clients and territory we cover. We want to give you an inside look at how we prepare our salmon throughout the week to ensure a quality product for our clients. Continue reading below to learn about our process from Tuesday to Friday.




To begin the meal prep for our dill glazed salmon we portion out the salmon. This ensures we are delivering the correct-sized salmon to our customers to help them achieve their fitness goals. Macros need to be accurate to allow our clients to reach their fitness goals. Tracking macros can be difficult, by using Meal Prep Sunday, we eliminate the guesswork so you can reach your goals quicker.

Next, using our commercial grills we sear the salmon. This boosts the flavor and adds texture to the salmon. The added texture allows the dill glaze to be fully absorbed by the salmon filets when the time comes.

Thirdly, we prepare our vegetables. The team roasts the tomatoes and chops the green beans to prepare for the rest of the week. We do this on Tuesday to allow maximum efficiency for the rest of the week.

Lastly, we make our Green Goddess sauce in-house. We make our sauces in-house so that we can guarantee we are using healthy, quality ingredients. Providing a fresh, healthy sauce along with our meals makes it much easier for our clients to enjoy eating healthy meals that keep them on track with their fitness goals. We pre-portion the sauces for our clients to keep them within a healthy range. It is easy to drown food in sauces adding unwanted calories. Meal Prep Sunday ensures the whole meal even down to the sauce sets you up to get attain your goals.



On Wednesday, we cook and store our vegetables and rice. On Tuesday, we prepared them by roasting the tomatoes and chopping all of the green beans. When Wednesday comes along, we add carrots, peas, broccoli, salt, and pepper to the skillet along with our roasted tomatoes and green beans.

Once the vegetables are done they are quickly transferred to our custom-built blast chiller where the temperature will drop from 165 degrees down to 38 degrees within 30 minutes. This allows our protein, starches, and vegetables to maintain their color, texture, and flavor. After the blast chiller, they are then stored in our fridges until they are packaged on Friday. This process is done with proper timing, allowing our vegetables to be as fresh and flavorful as possible.

Our chefs add our fully cooked vegetables to the meals



Today, we brush the salmon filets with our mixture of dill, tarragon, parsley, and oil. We take the time to fully brush every filet with our dill glaze so that every customer has the same, delicious experience. Our culinary team takes its time in every step of the process to ensure its consistency.

Second, the filets into our state-of-the-art rational ovens. The rational oven cooks all of the food in the batch to an optimal, safe temperature. The filets are cooked to an internal temperature of 145, guaranteeing our customers are eating salmon that is safe to eat.  Finally, the salmon is stored in industrial fridges until they are ready to be plated and packaged.

Our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at Meal Prep Sunday is very important to us. These are the procedures we have in place to ensure that we are not cross-contaminating any steps of our process. Some examples of this are how we have our culinary team change aprons, gloves, and arm sleeves whenever they change from one protein to the next. We also require all of our team to have hair nets on the face and head and also wear masks whenever they are in the kitchen. We take these procedures very seriously because our client’s health is the most important to us.


Here is our Dill Glazed Salmon, fully cooked being transported to our industrial fridges until they are ready to be plated and packaged.


On Friday, we plate and package our meals for the Sunday delivery.  We pack the meal containers  with brown rice, vegetable mix, salmon, and green goddess sauce. Our team takes care to put the correct amount of vegetables and carbs along with the correct sized salmon. Next, our team seals the meals using our advanced sealing technology. MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) seals out the oxygen in the meal allowing them to stay fresh for the duration of your week. We have our team check the oxygen levels to ensure they are at a safe level.

Along with the MAP technology, we constantly monitor how long the meals are out of the fridge to make sure they are not reaching unsafe temperatures. All of our meals are separated by portion size and by protein. We know the product we provide is very important to our client’s lifestyles and receiving the correct portioned meals allows them to reach their goals quickly and in a healthy manner.

Here you can see our team in the process of plating our Dill Glazed Salmon before it is packaged


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