Place your order by Friday 03/24/2023 before 6:00 pm, and receive your meals Sunday 03/26/2023.

Free delivery is available in all San Diego, Orange, LA, Riverside, and Imperial counties.

Place your order by Friday 03/24/2023 before 6:00 pm, and receive your meals Sunday 03/26/2023.

Free delivery is available in all San Diego, Orange, LA, Riverside, and Imperial counties.

Harvest Bowl

Harvest bowl being put into the machine

Harvest Bowl

This week, to get into the holiday spirit, we will be highlighting our Harvest Bowl dish. This dish is made with ground turkey, zucchini, broccoli, butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, corn, white rice, parsley, and comes with a poblano crema sauce.

Tuesday Harvest Bowl Prep

red peppers going into the pepper slicer

We begin our preparation process by getting our vegetables ready. The first thing we prepare is our peppers. In last week’s blog, we went over how we use the pepper slicer to evenly cut our peppers. Having the ability to have peppers that are evenly sized allows us to deliver a consistent product to all of our clients. 

Next, we prepare the diced butternut squash. Before dicing the squash the culinary team first peels and removes the seeds. We then have a separate dicing machine that allows us to simply push the squash into the machine like a juicer and dice the squash. Much like the pepper machine, the consistency in the size of the squash allows for even cooking time and texture.

Thirdly, we roast the cherry tomatoes and chop our herbs. Roasting the tomatoes increases their antioxidant levels and provides a richer color to the dish. We then finish off by chopping our parsley. The parsley provides an aromatic smell to the dish and adds a nice flavor.

Finally, to finish off, we make the poblano crema sauce from scratch. The sauce is made by combining roasted poblano peppers, onions, and garlic. Those ingredients are blended until they reach the desired consistency and then flavored with citrus, salt, and pepper.

Wednesday Harvest Bowl Prep

Wednesday’s focus is centered around cooking the skillet. We first add in the butternut squash and allow it to cook for a bit and soften up. Next, we add broccoli, zucchini, and ground turkey. Once the ingredients have cooked together we then add the roasted cherry tomatoes and corn. Throughout the cooking process, our chefs are testing the harvest bowl for the flavor to ensure we are getting the flavor we want. 

Once the harvest bowl skillet is done cooking we then move it to the blast chiller to avoid bacteria growth and lock in flavor, moisture, and texture.

Thursday Harvest Bowl Prep

Harvest bowl being put into the machine

Our Thursday prep is all the final steps in the process. We first begin by plating the rice. This is then followed by the harvest bowl mix, which is all of the vegetables and ground turkey we prepared throughout the week. 

Once all of the plating is done we then run the meals through our sealing machine that will remove nearly all of the oxygen from the meal, allowing them to last the full week. Once the meals are sealed they are placed onto speed racks and moved directly into the fridge where they will be stored until they are sent out to our client’s houses. 


As you can see, every step of our process is carefully thought out. From years of experience throughout our kitchen and staff, we have developed a system that allows us to. be efficient while still providing a great product. 

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