Spicy Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast

Packing Spicy Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast

Spicy Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast This week’s meal spotlight is our Spicy Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast. We will be taking you through our process of preparing the chicken breasts, the sriracha soy chickpeas, curried purple cabbage, garlicky bok choy, and tri-color quinoa. The ingredients in the dish have been carefully chosen to maximize not only flavor but […]

Meal Prep Sunday

Staff Meeting Meal Prep Sunday

Meal Prep Sunday: Good To Great Previous Next Our clients at Meal Prep Sunday are what inspire us to come up with fresh new menu ideas week in and week out. We always want to take their experience from good to great. “Good to Great” is the workplace motto here at Meal Prep Sunday. We […]

Cajun Chicken Thigh Meal Prep

Meal Prep chicken thigh

Chicken Thigh Meal Prep Last week’s blog post, showed you how we prepared our Dill Glazed Salmon; this week we want to show you our Cajun Shredded Chicken Thigh meal prep. Throughout the week you will see the steps and procedures we take to ensure we are delivering a quality product every week.    MONDAY Quality […]

Meal Prep – Dill Glazed Salmon

Salmon Meal Prep

Meal Prep – Dill Glazed Salmon   The meal prep for our dill glazed salmon involves many processes and procedures that allow us to deliver a great product. Meal Prep Sunday serves clients from San Diego county to LA county. The quality of our food is very important, especially with the number of clients and […]

Influencer “How-To’s” for a Great Testimonial

Influencer “How-To’s” for a Great Testimonial Hey there! Thank you so much for agreeing to collaborate with us! Below are features and points you can pick from to talk about in your video. We chose you as an influencer for us because we believe our service could not only benefit you but also your followers! […]

Meal Prep Sunday is Environmentally Better

Meal Prep Sunday Van

~ Meal Prep Sunday is Environmentally Better ~ Not only are we using fresh and organic ingredients to make our customers feel vibrant, we’re also utilizing a lot of resources to keep the planet alive and well. From our produce to the packaging that contains the freshness for your satisfaction we are practicing eco-friendly procedures […]

Good to Great Culture

Good to Great Culture We treat every tier in our meal prep company with respect; we even have a motto for everyone who walks in to work. “Good to Great” means that we are always striving to do better so we can bring our customers a better experience. This is very important to us and […]

Ground Beef Meatballs Preparation

Ground Beef Meatballs Preparation Meal Prep Sunday delivers meal preps to thousands of customers every single Sunday! Every day leading up to that is just as important as the last. It’s important for people to know where they get their food from. Every single ingredient involved in cooking is equally important since they all come […]

How we Keep our Facility and Food Clean

How the State of our Facility Affects the State of our Food There are a lot of features that make a company great. For us it’s a list of things from the oven we cook with to the staff that handles our customers’ needs. Each characteristic is vital to the image of a food company […]

HACCP and its Important Role in Food-Making

Meal Prep Sunday - HACCP

HACCP and its Important Role in Food-Making One of the many things about Meal Prep Sunday is that we’re a customer-centered company based on the satisfaction of our clients and working on various ways we make life easier for them. We hold the utmost respect for one’s standards by making your eating lifestyle a safe […]