How We Help Clients Reach Fitness Goals

Influencers enjoying Meal Prep Sunday meals

On New Year’s, most people resolve to make an improvement in health or new fitness goals. However, few of them actually follow through and achieve these goals, with less than 10% succeeding. Why is it so difficult to stick to fitness-related resolutions? The answer is simple – any fitness lifestyle change requires a change in […]

BBQ Chicken Breast

Our fully plated BBQ Chicken Breast Meal Prep

Enjoy a delicious and convenient meal anytime with our BBQ Chicken Breast meal prep. Filled with succulent chicken breasts, our special blend of Carolina hot sauce, and a hearty serving of red rice and vegetable skillet, this meal is sure to satisfy your cravings and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. Tuesday Preparation […]

Nashville Shrimp Meal Prep

The Nashvile Shrimp meal, fully plated

For this week’s meal spotlight, we will focus on our Nashville Shrimp meal prep. This dish provides our clients with a different protein than we typically use. We always try and do what is best for our clients and introducing new proteins paired with exciting flavors like our Nashville seasoning keeps our clients coming back […]

Chili Lime Chicken Meal Prep

Chili Lime Chicken Meal Prep

Our Chili Lime Chicken Meal Prep has 3 days of preparation before being packaged for delivery. The design of this dish provides a very nice contrast and provides all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Although chili is in the title it is not a super spicy dish. Our clients enjoy this dish because […]

Citrus Habanero Marinated Chicken Breast

Plated Citrus Habanero Marinated Chicken Breast

Our Citrus Habanero Marinated Chicken Breast meal prep will be our highlighted meal of the week. We will also show you ways in which our company is constantly improving to show our appreciation. The aspects we will focus on are our culinary department, our IT, marketing, and system operations department, and our logistics department.  Marinade […]

Chicken Harvest Bowl Meal Prep

Chicken Harvest Bowl featured image

This week we highlight our Chicken Harvest Bowl. As with every dish, we prepare our customers are our main concern. Providing meals that not only taste great but give our customers the nutrients they need to be at their best is something we take very seriously. All of the ingredients in this weeks dish achieve […]

Ancho Diced Steak Meal Prep

Ancho Diced Steak Meal Prep Our ancho diced steak meal is one of our most flavorful dishes for our clients. Our clients come to us to meal prep for them for a variety of reasons. Some clients request our service because they are on a journey to achieve new fitness goals. Others are busy professionals […]

Harvest Bowl

Harvest bowl being put into the machine

Harvest Bowl This week, to get into the holiday spirit, we will be highlighting our Harvest Bowl dish. This dish is made with ground turkey, zucchini, broccoli, butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, corn, white rice, parsley, and comes with a poblano crema sauce. Tuesday Harvest Bowl Prep We begin our preparation process by getting our vegetables […]

Fenugreek Green Curry Chicken Thigh

Fenugreek Green Curry Chicken Thigh For this week’s meal spotlight, we will show the process of our Fenugreek Green Curry Chicken Thigh. This delicious dish incorporates a Mediterranean herb called fenugreek, which provides a maple syrup-like flavor to the dish. The fenugreek flavor compliments the green curry and cilantro turmeric sauce very nicely. Tuesday Preparation […]

Helping Clients With A New Menu Change​

Helping Clients With A New Menu Change For the past 7 years, Meal Prep Sunday has been dedicated to helping clients in any way possible. We are one of the only meal prep companies that offer a weekly changing menu. While this was something that differentiated us, it was not enough for us to stop […]