Our mission here at Meal Prep Sunday San Diego is not only to eliminate the time and effort spent shopping, cooking, and cleaning but most importantly give you the best nutrition for your fitness goals! As a fitness-driven company, we value each and every individual which is why we created an advanced algorithm on our website. This algorithm allows us to create a macro-based meal prep plan based on your physical attributes as well as fitness goals. Our website will automatically analyze your data each week and apply it to our menu of the week. We believe a changing menu is necessary to keep you on track! In addition, our algorithm will generate a workout plan to fit your individual needs. Additional support from our team of nutritionists includes a snack guide as well as some other informational worksheets included in your welcome e-mail! Combining all these features will set you on the perfect track to reach your fitness goals! Not to mention, all of this at the comfort of your home with our FREE Sunday delivery shipped in our custom thermal insulated bags and vacuum-sealed meals. This method of packaging ensures optimal freshness as it removes the oxygen in your meals, naturally slowing down the aging process! Implementing this process was a milestone for our company and took months to perfect. Not only will your meals taste essentially the same as the first day, but they will also retain the nutritional value that can sometimes be lost. Our chef-inspired meals will bring to you the nutrition, quality, and presentation you expect and DESERVE

With years of experience as a master personal trainer, I saw the lack of focus meal prep delivery services had on proper nutrition. Providing a service that saved you time, money, the hassle of cooking, cleaning, and STILL maintaining that nutrition aspect was vital to me. From this vision, San Diego’s #1 meal prep delivery service, Meal Prep Sunday San Diego was born!


What makes us different?

There are plenty of San Diego Meal Prep services, so what makes Meal Prep Sunday San Diego different? From our macro algorithm to our packaging method, down to our chef-inspired meals, we definitely stand out in the crowd! Our mission is to eliminate the meal preparation process from your day. We strive to give everyone the opportunity to obtain the body they’ve always wanted without all of the time and money that is otherwise required. Let us handle the difficult and time-consuming meal prep for you, so you have plenty of time to focus on yourself! Our chefs have a combined 50+ years’ experience in the industry cooking well-balanced healthy meals. Let us do what we excel at, so you have plenty of time, energy, and money to do the things you enjoy most!

Macro Algorithm

Macros are a term thrown around very often in the fitness community. There are 3 macro-nutrients which are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The amounts of these on a daily basis determine the portion your meals should contain in order to fit YOUR needs. Your physical attributes collected are your age, weight, height, and gender. Your fitness goal will make your daily values vary. Portioning will change if you want to maintain your weight, tone, lose weight, building muscle, or whatever your ultimate goal is. Counting macros is essential in this process and we’ve made it easy by creating an advanced algorithm on our website which does that exactly. You will go through a quick questionnaire on our website which will allow us to accurately design your personalized meal prep plan. This will depict the amount of each macro-nutrient your meals will contain. By doing so, we are able to correctly portion your meals specifically for you and ensure you are getting the correct nutrition. This algorithm will make it very easy for our website to calculate each new meal on our changing menu to allow for easy integration of meals every week.

Changing Menu of Chef-Inspired Meals

As mentioned, our algorithm will generate your meal plan based on our menu of the week. We take multiple extra steps to ensure you are getting high quality, chef-inspired meals, while maintaining the nutrition aspect intact. Taste is never sacrificed, as delicious meal prep will keep you on track. What does chef-inspired actually mean? We have an executive chef with 30+ years of culinary experience in fine dining. This allows for exceptional taste you wouldn’t expect to find in a prepackaged meal. The rich flavors and unique blend of herbs and seasonings help you reach your fitness goals while indulging in delicious food. Even the type of cooking is unique to our meal prep service, adopting practices such as preparing food al dante to tons of other styles of cooking we implement in our meal prep. Some of the flavors are even completely made along the way to bring to you gourmet style meals right to your home.

Vacuum Sealer

Our packaging system is very unique in the sense that it allows for the natural halting of the food aging process. This method of packaging replaces the oxygen usually left in the container with a mix of gasses including nitrogen. Although not all the oxygen is removed, oxygen left can be down to 3%. So, bacteria who need oxygen for optimal growth don’t prosper in this environment. This process allows for longer longevity for your meal prep. This way, you are receiving not only fresher, tastier meals, but also taking advantage of more nutrients!